1-on-1 Coaching


Sometimes we just need the deeper connection and focused accountability along our journey. This is where 1:1 coaching comes in.  More time, more access, more momentum.


My True North Signature Program or a VIP experience at my retreat.

I have been in practice with 1:1 clients for almost 20 years.  I have taken all my tools, strategies, and favorites and have created a signature system.

For those who have a more specific goal or want to jumpstart their process, I offer.  Virtual VIP days or in person at my retreat.

The clarity call is the perfect time to get to the heart of your goals and we also see if we are a fit to work together and which 1:1 option will be best for you.



Working With Mercedes

We not only have worked through my past hurts and struggles;

We continue to work through the inevitable difficulties that come with life, talk through healthy ways to manage emotions, and cultivate productive ways of thinking that relate to my mindset and lead to personal success.Thanks for a wonderful appointment today and I hope you have an absolute blast in Mexico!”

- Kelly A

Before coming to see Mercedes I was struggling with being newly married.

I was dealing with a lot of triggered anxiety and discontent. I was having a hard time coping with the transition into new family dynamics.

It has been a blessing working with Mercedes. She has given me a safe and cherished space to talk and discuss a range of topics. She is non-judgmental, compassionate, patient, empathetic, calming, supportive, encouraging, and caring. I can't say enough about how it has been the list would go on forever!

Working with Mercedes has changed my life by helping me be confident in my voice and my actions. She has given me many tools and helped me realize my strengths. There is a weight that has lifted off my shoulders and I am able to be in control of my anxiety. I have grown in my acceptance and have been able to forgive and let go of issues with my in-laws. I have much healthier boundaries with my new family which in turn allows me to have much healthier and enjoyable relationships with them.


If you are feeling called into more and want a way to arrive there------> You are in the right place.

If you want to chat about where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there, jump on a Clarity call with me!

It is free and time well spent!