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My story began as a struggle with anxiety and perfectionism.

You might call me a “perfectionist in rebellion”.   Fear of failure and not being good enough robbed me of  many joys and experiences in my early adult life.

My desire for control manifested itself in issues with my weight.   I had been trying to lose weight for many, many moons. I was stuck on this ideal image – a perfect me that would match what I knew I had inside.

I equated thinness with beauty, sexiness, and success but had convinced myself that I didn't have the discipline or motivation to keep it off for good. I was ready to free myself from the merry-go-round of fad diets, taking deliberate actions – some big and some small – and putting myself on the path to wholeness.

And that was it.  I had had enough!


I just needed to know what to do next.  

That is when I found my therapist.  She taught me to be more present, tune into my own needs, prioritize my health, and follow my own path.





I gained confidence,  left a job that didn’t serve me, and began to accept myself as God had made me.   

From this point forward, every aspect of my life changed.



I learned everything I could about connecting my mind, body, and Spirit. I allowed my dreams to become reality.   I was tired of feeling big and playing small.  So I decided to open my own therapy practice. And that is where I found my power.


In addition to working with private clients I also obtained a coaching certificate from the Institute of Eating Psychology.  As a therapist and coach, I’ve committed the rest of my professional life to helping others find freedom and joy that comes from letting go of what no longer serves them and prioritize what truly matters.  

And I get to live my dream of finally achieving balance between meaningful work and play, with plenty of time for family and beautiful beaches.

Blending my therapy roots with life coaching is my sweet spot.  I am able to share the tools and strategies I have picked up along the way, and use my strengths of making connection and being visionary to help my clients stop the struggle, and uplevel their lives.  

When I’m not online chatting with my group or clients, you can find me at one of the many local coffee shops, heading to the gym for yoga, or planning my next vacation.  I also love reading self-help books and bike riding.  

Having 2 boys; 3 if you count the hubs, I  get to participate in plenty of guy stuff such as, relaxing at the cabin, time at the race track and skiing time.  My cat Jersey is known to chill with me while I work and relax.


If you are ready to upscale your life, live confidently, and  experience wholeness of mind, body, and Spirit, then I invite you to check out my programs and book your free clarity call today.  It is free, and we might just be a match made in Heaven.

A time to chat, share coffee (virtually of course), and for you to get some clarity on what it would mean to navigate your life; your way.

Working With Mercedes

I have had the opportunity to work with Mercedes since the spring of 2016.

She has played an integral role in my physical, mental, and emotional healing process as I have overcome a myriad of medical diagnoses. Mercedes has provided me with a place of peace and relaxation. Together, we have tackled many of the events that have popped up over the past year as I have made the transition from a full time college student living with her parents to a married young woman who is ready to pursue her dream career. Mercedes radiates positivity and we immediately connected. She has challenged me to rephrase and reshape the way that I view myself and the relationships that I form with those around me. With guidance from Mercedes, I have pursued a more balanced way of living and have developed an appreciation for the woman that I am becoming. I look back at the year that I have had and I feel nothing but gratitude for my interactions with Mercedes. I may not know what my future holds, but I know that I have her support and a listening ear.  The self-discovery and words of wisdom that I have gathered from my time with her have a lasting effect on the way that I live out my life. I hope that everyone can find their Mercedes who provides compassion, encouragement, and an outside perspective for the trials and triumphs that life has to offer!


When I found Mercedes I was dealing with grief, couldn't set boundaries, and was feeling guilty all the time.

Mercedes turned around what I thought was guilt and selfishness and I realized it is really taking care of myself and NOT being selfish.  I realized I could set boundaries and that I am a strong lady@ . Now, setting boundaries are a whole lot easier!!!!  I feel more peaceful, calm, optimistic.  I am more willing to stand up for myself!  

/// Zelda K

When I signed on with Mercedes I felt stuck and knew I needed a “new” direction.

I was stressed out all the time, wondering about my job, and doubting my strengths.  Mercedes pushes me gently, has insight, creates a warm and inviting space, and has positive energy.  She has helped me to gain confidence, take action, have more direction, live into my call, and help me figure out my strengths.  I learned how to rewrite my scripts.  I have more self care and know how “I be” in the stress response vs. the relaxation response.  I am excited to say I now own that I am a strong and good leader!  I would tell anyone to “GO FOR IT!”  It was one of the best decisions I have made- I am now in a better place to do what I am called to do!

- Kelly S

Before coming to see Mercedes I was struggling with being newly married.

I was dealing with a lot of triggered anxiety and discontent. I was having a hard time coping with the transition into new family dynamics.

It has been a blessing working with Mercedes. She has given me a safe and cherished space to talk and discuss a range of topics. She is non-judgmental, compassionate, patient, empathetic, calming, supportive, encouraging, and caring. I can't say enough about how it has been the list would go on forever!

Working with Mercedes has changed my life by helping me be confident in my voice and my actions. She has given me many tools and helped me realize my strengths. There is a weight that has lifted off my shoulders and I am able to be in control of my anxiety. I have grown in my acceptance and have been able to forgive and let go of issues with my in-laws. I have much healthier boundaries with my new family which in turn allows me to have much healthier and enjoyable relationships with them.

- E.M

We not only have worked through my past hurts and struggles;

We continue to work through the inevitable difficulties that come with life, talk through healthy ways to manage emotions, and cultivate productive ways of thinking that relate to my mindset and lead to personal success.Thanks for a wonderful appointment today and I hope you have an absolute blast in Mexico!

- Kelly A

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