Deep Peace

The fear and uncertainty seems to be in the air these days.  Can you feel it?

As one who has a history of wanting to prepare for the “next shoe to drop”, I am realizing more and more these days that it is not possible to ever be fully prepared.  We can only control so much….   And it seems daily we are reminded that life is full of wildcards.


And, there’s more.  There is always more. 


We have a “peace that passes understanding”, if only we seek it out.  When my brother died, it was as if the other shoe dropped. Actually, it felt like someone knocked the wind out of me.   I was still getting up each night with my infant, and there were a lot of tears and mid- night prayers as I fed and rocked him.  And there was this peace.  That passes understanding.
To this day I can’t really describe it.  I was numb, for sure.  And.  I was able to just be.  I wish this wasn’t a reference point that keeps coming up in my personal life, or when I give my brave clients examples of this peace.  But it is.  And, a way for me to honor my brother is to share it whenever I can.
And, here today.  Where there is so much uncertainty, fear, and to be frank – bullshit that Satan himself is heaping on the current affairs we can still feel that peace.  If only we ask and seek.
This past week I talked a lot about presence.  We have to be available to access this.  I get that we want to hide sometimes.  That an escape into netflix or that delicious wine seems to be the answer.  And no judgement.  It is an escape.  For a fleeting moment only.  If we decide to come back and sit awhile, we can feel that the deep peace will come over us.
I am inviting you to experience this with me.  It is necessary and valuable in this uncertain time.  Our Center never shifts.  Will you take a moment to experience it.  To allow HIM to be with us?  With you?


Intuitive life coaching is powerful. 


Even more so when we invite He who brings the peace that passes understanding.  I am here to help you access that part of yourself.  To connect to self, and to Him, on such a level that you feel safe.  And free.  And ready for what is to come.


Yes, you can consider hiring me or pass my name along to a friend.  In the meantime here are a few ways I access that peace.
  1.  Find a quiet place in your home or outside to take a few deep breaths and invite Peace in.
  2. In that space, think back to a time you felt calm in the storm and and breathe into that.  Can you feel it again?
  3.  Any thoughts that come that contradict, question, or challenge the peace.  Allow them to come, and then release them with love.
If you find it really hard to slow the monkey mind down… let’s talk.  My free clarity call will give you more direction and move the needle towards this peace.  No strings attached.

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