Is success too much to ask for?

I try to avoid the news. I try to avoid talking politics. But, even a silver lining girl like me can’t ignore the division, the racism, the fear.  It is all so heartbreaking.  

And, I won’t turn a blind eye.  

I am still trying to sort out how I, who has so much privilege and opportunity in my life, can fight this nastiness and throw my boomerang of love.   I know I can throw it harder and farther.   To listen, to learn, and to acknowledge more.  To be humble and allow for all the feelings I have, and others have.  

I can get derailed at times, when I know others are literally fighting for their lives. What can I do?  Do I even have influence?  Do you feel that way too sometimes?

How can I continue to invest in myself, or want for a meaningful life and successful coaching business while others are suffering?   

These are the questions I have been contemplating this past week. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that I am here to use my gifts, share my goodness in the world.  

Shine my light.  

I am a visual person, so I often envision the world from afar, like an astronaut.  And I can see all the lights of the souls who are tapped into their purpose. Opening their hearts enough to show up and be who they are meant to be.  No-one’s light is brighter.  

No-one is more important.  

My light is brightest when I am guiding other women toward their destiny. This is my definition of success.

I believe my mission in life is to love and show others how to love themselves so fiercely that they are able to live into their full potential in both their  life and work.  To succeed in their mission.  To then share that love with others.  This is why I love being in a community of like-hearted women.  

Will you join me?

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