Hey – Look over here a sec

I first heard this from a coach, and now I see it  all the time.  It is so true – where your attention goes, your energy flows.  


Attention is a very powerful thing.  This summer, my attention has been all over the place. And that can drain the energy quick!  One thing that really kept me grounded was paying ATTENTION to some saboteurs and then some solutions in the group.  Do you remember?
Self-Neglect, People Pleasing, Perfectionism, and Self-Doubt.   Ugh.  That hamster wheel had  to go!    Then, last month we talked about BEING Present, Authentic, Balanced, and Decisive.  


Can you feel the difference?  


Let’s pretend we are working together for a minute.  My clients choose some beliefs or mindsets they want to shift  “From  → To”.  For example, let’s say Tina, wanted to shift from saying yes to hanging out with a toxic relative.  She felt all the people pleasing stuff  –  guilt, obligation, majorly TOLERATING it all.  After some mindset and belief shifting, she started to try on how it felt to say no respectfully, or limiting her time with this relative.  Giving herself an out and feeling CONFIDENT  instead of shameful about it.
What is a thought, or belief, or behavior you want to  change?   How would you rather think, believe, or BE?  When you  give yourself TIME to pay attention you will change, grow, shift more into who you want to be (and who you REALLY are).
Don’t just take my word for it – if you are ready, let’s talk.  No strings attached… just some time to get clarity on where you are and where you want to go.   And – if it seems like a good fit, we can talk about working together. Investing  in myself and coaching was life changing for me. 


In this moment, in the way the world is today, support is one of the gifts you can give yourself and those you interact with.  Where your attention goes – your energy will flow.  

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