I decided to overcommit AGAIN

The kids go back to school in 4 weeks. 

Well, maybe, or kinda, or not?  The unknowns are swirling around and the energy for many is wonky.


What is “normal” (I prefer usual) is, this is about the part of summer I realize we only have one more month and we “haven’t done enough”.  The shoulds and mom guilt kicks in and I have one too many conversations with my husband about what we can do to make some good memories with these kids before they are working more, not living with us anymore, and the list goes on.


Except – I have been spending more time with them than usual.  Even if it is just being home together.  And, this feels like a ground hogs day summer some of the time.


So, in the heat of the moment,  I overcommitted a bit. 
And, I decided that even amidst my over-commitment I would  and could pause a minute.  Get intentional and strategic and decide. This felt different than just “making the best of it” or telling myself “maybe I will get it right next time”.  


No matter where we are along the way in our decision, or how committed we feel to it, we can tweak it and still be in integrity.  


I used to believe that if I “changed my mind” I would be out of integrity.  But we can keep our word and keep our self-respect. Not to mention, respecting the person(s) or thing we said yes or no to.


We get to design our life, DECIDE how we spend our time.


Here is a real time example in my life:
For me, lately it is about creating space and boundaries within a decision I am making to spend  time with others.  I love groups, socializing and I know right now I need some alone.  And over the last  couple of years I realized I am more of a one-on-one  or small group kind of person. 


So, I create space for myself.  WITHIN the outing or weekend away, or whatever it is.   Like – having my own room, waking up slow before joining  the group, taking a walk by myself….


Life is sweeter when we decide to honor our own needs too.  We  can have integrity and care for those in our lives AND be ourselves.  


A few ideas or nuggets for you:
  • You can enjoy time with others and recharge the way that is best for you.
  • When you honor yourself and DECIDE you are actually honoring the other people you care about.
  • You deserve to be a decisive person.  And only you can decide for yourself.
  • Indecision is really actually deciding not to.  I used to say “ouch” to that, now I get it.


How did this land with you?  Are you ready to live a decisive life?  Most women I know are on that journey – and when we get tired enough of second guessing ourselves, looking to friends and family to “help” us decide, or spinning our wheels – we have an important decision to make.   

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