Self-doubt much?

I was recently given the phrase “I help women go from people pleasing to power wielding” when brainstorming with my business coach.  We were talking about the results I offer.  I didn’t really have to talk about that during all my years as a therapist, so it is hard to explain in words.  So first,  I loved it, and then I doubted my clients or future clients would get it.

True confession.  I struggle with what I teach more than I would like to admit (why I am so good at what I do…. I know all the excuses and rabbit holes 🙂 )   I get so caught up in the perfect words, wanting to really reach them, and wanting to give them choices that I get stuck in analysis paralysis or what I call a “mindfuck” (excuse the language, but it really does fit here.)

I woke up today feeling the pressure to get clear.  To move forward.  To no longer doubt my intuition, my gut.  And I wanted to go back to bed.  I don’t really want to go there today.  But, with coaching and masterinding today, I will go there.  

So, how does an intuitive life coach (that feels so right) put one foot in front of the other when wanting to hide in bed or run away?  She – meaning me- uses her love of words and decides that in this day she will SIMPLIFY.  K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple sister).  I say it all the time to clients and saying it today to myself.  

What happens to you when you doubt yourself?  What areas of your life do you second-guess yourself?  I am getting really confident in my personal relationships and in what I want to do with my time.  Business is a beautiful place for me to practice vulnerability, self-trust, and a place for guaranteed growth.  

If you are self-doubting yourself today, stop and ask yourself – if the outcome was guaranteed to be amazing for you – how would you feel about it?  And what if it wasn’t guaranteed : what would make it worth going for it anyway? 

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