Yes, I am…

This baby came in the mail the other day.  And with all my ceu hours added up – I am licensed for another 3 years.

I have people asking me all the time – so, what do you really do now since you are “not a therapist”?   Clients who I serve are even a bit confused when they first contact me to see if we will be a good fit.  

You are my peeps, so I am going to share this here.  Let me know if it clears some stuff up:

  • Yes – I am still a licensed clinical therapist/ social worker.  And I will continue to be.
  • Yes – I have taken my suitcase of amazing tools and experiences of doing traditional therapy with me.   And I will continue to use them.  
  • Yes – I still see clients who want to dig deep, grow, and transform their lives.  They come to me now for similar reasons.

So, what has changed? 

Me.  I have been on a deep journey of self-discover, self-knowing.  I started out because I felt like my clients needed something more from me.   That could be true, but the deeper lesson was that I needed more from and OF me.  I needed to access myself.  Essential and physical SO MUCH MORE.  

Yes – I have a lot of experiences and tools I collected over the last few years I would never have if I didn’t choose to continue on the journey in a NEW way.  

And, perhaps the biggest yes of all, is the ripple effect of all the time and investment I have poured into MYSELF will bless my current and future clients as it has me.  

In this time, I am also able to allow my clients to KNOW me on a level I was never able to share in traditional therapy.  I honor the code and I honor that for me, I this is a better fit.  

I just reread this and am kinda wondering – Mercedes, why share all this with them now?  Well.  You are my peeps.  If you are on this list, you know me somehow.   And I have heard just enough times “what are you doing now?”….. I needed to share.

I coach, guide, and mentor beautiful, ambitious women who want to go from the shoulds and people pleasing to living a meaningful and contented life at home and in the career they love.  Without going to years of traditional therapy.  My coach is gonna have a hay day in trying to get me to shorten that.  

Deepening my private practice into a Coaching business allowed me to shine my light even brighter.   In this season, this has been one of the main reasons I have not lost my mind yet :). 

What is giving you purpose and direction right now?  I would love to hear from you!


Ps – This week I have been having so much fun on our road trip.  Have had a number of a-ha moments myself.  I, of course, don’t want it to end.  I will be showing up weekly in Courageous Authenticity, and will be spending lots of time in Courageous Momentum – doors are closing soon.   I created a space that is affordable, packed with value, and creates connection.  It is not a time suck either…. Self-paced on the teachings, and show up when you can.   

If you can think of any excuse not to join, I would be happy to hear them…. And chat a bit about it 🙂  

This is long…but here is a sneak peak for May:

  • Vision Board Process and Creation
  • Open the Map 
  • And – founding members get to help co-create the content and guest speakers for the rest of 2020.  

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